Keen to get to know your Allstar team?

Here at Allstar Electrical, we only work with the best of the best! Our highly trained and professional team know that the heart of our business is in creating longstanding partnerships with our clients. Our team strive to provide friendly, high quality service, and will go the extra mile to offer recommendations to make your electrical needs flow easier. 

The team at Allstar Electrical are your friendly electricians offering expert advice, and reliable services within Porirua and the greater Wellington region. We have over 21 years in the industry and we know our way around a switchboard.

Lyndon and Drina

aka. the brains behind the business and the Husband and Wife duo that is Allstar Electrical Services. They’re passionate about the services they provide, the people they work with, and about supporting their local community.

Both Lyndon and Drina have grown up in the Porirua region over the years, and are now loving raising their three gorgeous girls here too.

If Lyndon doesn’t have his head in a roof space scoping out electrical configurations, you might find him out on the golf course. 

Meet our crew of Allstar's

Here at Allstar, we believe all good things come in two's. So we run two teams of two. One top notch sparky working alongside a talented apprentice.

Electricity can be a risky business if you don't know what you're doing, so it's best left to the professionals.  You'll always be in safe hands with our crew. 

Meet Eddie

Eddie has been with the Allstar team a few years now, and has gained a wide range of experience on both residential and light commercial electrical projects.

Currently involved in the Healthy Homes initiative with Allstar Electrical, Eddie works with Kainga Ora to ensure government rental homes meet the new standards for healthy homes.

With a young family himself, Eddie understands the importance of having a warmer, drier and healthier home. 

Meet Uluaki

Uluaki joined the Allstar team in 2022. Working alongside the team on a casual basis, Uluaki decided he was ready to further his skills and take on an electrical apprenticeship. 

Outside of work, Uluaki is a proud Dad and loves supporting his children with their school, sports, and musical commitments.

Meet Brandon

Brandon is currently in his first year of an electrical apprenticeship and has recently joined the Allstar team. Brandon grew up locally in Porirua and in his spare time outside of work enjoys being with mates and playing a bit of footy. 

So far, Brandon is enjoying picking up small tips and tricks in a practical, hands-on environment. Brandon has fit in well with the rest of the team and is looking forward to what his future with Allstar Electrical has in store for him.

The exception to the rule..

There is of course, an exception to the rule. While we do love our good things that come in two's - when it comes to the Allstar family, great things come in three's.

Three gorgeous girls, and the real little bosses behind the scenes!

Meet Claudia, Evie and Lacey. 

Let's work together

Planning renovations? Got a hot water cylinder on the blink? Whatever your electrical needs, we’d love to work with you to get your services up and running the way you’d like them. 

To arrange a free consultation and estimate, contact us now and one of our friendly team will be in touch to arrange a time to walk you through the options.


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